Preschooler caught with loaded gun in backpack

A preschool student was caught with a loaded handgun inside his backpack in a Georgia school on Wednesday, police said.

The student, who was not identified, was seemingly unaware that the firearm was inside the bag, Marrietta police told The Post.

“Any time you involve a child and a gun in the same sentence, it brings a huge level of concern to all of us,” Officer Chuck McPhilamy said early Thursday. “But given the circumstances, I don’t know that we could’ve asked for a better outcome.”

McPhilarmy praised staffers at the Center for Early Education at the First Baptist Church for quickly removing the gun from the child’s possession and calling police for help soon after it was discovered.

The child never reached into the bag to remove the gun, which belonged to the student’s parents, McPhilamy said, adding that no one was hurt.

It’s unclear if the child’s parents will face charges in connection to the incident.

“They will do a thorough investigation and then at that time, we’ll determine if charges will be appropriate,” McPhilamy said. “The truth is we simply don’t know what the outcome will be.”

Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services are also investigating the incident, WSB-TV reports.

In a letter to parents, school staffers said a teacher immediately took the child’s bag to an administrator’s office after finding the handgun.

“The tote bag and contents were removed from the preschool and taken to an area away from any children,” the letter read.

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