Kim Jong Un gets the movie star treatment in North Korea

North Korean media gave President Kim Jong Un movie star-like treatment by airing previously unseen video of him at the Singapore summit, showing him being greeted by teeming crowds, lounging in his five-star hotel room and strolling the streets of the city, it was reported.

State-run news channel KCTV broadcast the 42-minute-long video across the reclusive country on Thursday as part of a lengthy documentary about Kim’s historic meeting over the weekend with President Trump, CNN reported.

Accompanied by a soaring soundtrack and narrated by the country’s noted newsreader Ri Chun Hee, the video covered all facets of Kim’s visit to Singapore, in what, the report said, could be the first glimpse of the outside world for many North Koreans.

The video showed Kim preparing for the summit while sitting in the plush Air China jet supplied by the Chinese government for his travel to Singapore and played up his “countless” meetings with other world leaders.

North Korean cameras panned crowds packing the street with people snapping photographs of Kim as his motorcade passed by.

“A lot of leaders of different countries have visited Singapore but it is unprecedented in the history of Singapore to have streets filled with the welcoming crowd like this,” the narrator Ri said.

Other images showed Kim in his suite at the ritzy St. Regis Hotel meeting with aides.

It concluded with scenes of Kim being welcomed back in Pyongyang on Wednesday by throngs of well-wishers waving flags.

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